Crystal Facial Roller {Quartz with Gold joining}


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These divine rollers help with under-eye circles, wrinkles, acne & help skincare products absorb into the skin. Promotes lymphatic drainage. The rollers soothe & cool sensitive skin. A simple DIY facial tool. In as little as 2 minutes your skin is left feeling cool & calm, giving an overall relaxed feeling.

Instructions: Gently clean your face, apply a small amount of face cream, rolling in an up & out motion from the chin to the cheeks & forehead. Roll for at least 2 minutes to feel the true benefits.

For added relief to hot skin, leave you roller in the fridge.

Measurements: Length 9cm. Roller: 4cm

Crystal care: Clean in cool water, use gentle hand soap and pat dry.

As with all crystals it is advisable to clear & cleanse in clean, cool water & leave out in full moon light for at least 4 hours.